Teius is a small town of approximately 7,000 people in Alba County

Our work here started at Christmas 1995, and is mostly directed through a local charity registered in Romania: Fundatia Emanuel Betania - established February 2003.

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Teius continues to be the main destination for our financial aid.

Kindergarten: The buildings in Teius (that we built over the period 2003-2017) were registered as a kindergarten with long-program for working parents in 2018. This has secured external funding to support the work. Approximately 35 children attend the kindergarten daily, divided into 2 classes.

Family for a Day: This is a weekly program for mentally disabled children, designed to give a respite day to their family carer, whilst exposing the children to new development opportunities.

Mission without Borders: We co-ordinate a program supporting familes at risk, who have been identified by the Social Servies in Teius. The aid is provided by Mission without Borders in Alba Iulia. One of the objectives of this program is to prevent children falling out of the education system.

Group Use of Sports Hall: Various groups use our small Sports Hall in Teius for evening and weekend activities. Much of this program is suspended during Covid.

Food Aid: During Covid our summer camp program has been suspended and all money redirected to Food Aid. It is targetted at 10 homeless people who receive food twice per week, and 10 poor families who receive a weekly food parcel. The family groups include those isolating due to Covid and are unable to earn a living.


Over the years we have supported daily and weekly activities: homework club, painting club, guitar club, mandolin club, violin cluband orchestra. Summer holiday camp and support a Christmas shoebox program at the town kindergarten and school. We have provided food, winter heating, second hand computers, musical instruments, childrens clothing, and carried out visiting within the local orphanages. We have sponsored the junior football team 'Teius Rapid' in the Alba County League.

We have sent clothes to support families and inmates of the large jail in nearby Aiud.